Roofers in Longueuil

Roof repairs in Longueuil

Your real estate deserves to be maintained with great care. If you live in Longueuil, the company Art-Pente is the solution. The construction company has specialized in roofing and caulking for more than ten years. Our team of expert roofers has great know-how, which is why we can guarantee high quality service in the city of Longueuil.

In addition, our price-performance ratio is excellent. We work with first quality materials and we practice competitive prices compared to the rest of the Longueuil market.

We guarantee the quality of the work, moreover we have a liability insurance to compensate for any risk. Roofing and caulking work represent a risk, which is why it is wise to call on the company Art-Pente, which is an expert in this type of work. Our team adapts to your requests by offering you a specialized service.

Two types of services in Longueuil

The first type of service is a service specific to roofs. Whether they are broken or damaged, our team of experts will take care of them! We are qualified for all types of roofing work, residential only. We combine all our qualities in order to offer you optimal quality service in Longueuil.

First, we fully analyze your needs, expectations and budget. Following this step we can start the work.

We guarantee long-lasting quality flooring that you will have no problems with for years to come. We offer an additional service, which is snow removal, which is very often necessary when winter comes in Longueuil.

Professional snow removal prevents many roofing problems caused by snow accumulation on your roof. Art-slope takes care of an entire residential roof snow removal. We act quickly and promise a safe service for your roof and your loved ones.

Our second type of service concerns caulking. Caulking means plugging the holes in a door or window so that the wind does not enter, and more generally so that the exterior elements do not affect the interior temperature. Correctly caulking your home is necessary to save energy.

In addition, the service offered is complete because we first remove the old sealant, we clean the surface and then we install the new sealant. Stop wasting energy by caulking your doors and windows. Have your sealant renewed by Art-Pente, the caulking professionals.

Do not hesitate to contact us to submit your renovation project or simply for more information.