Roofers in Repentigny

Roof repair in Repentigny

Does your Repentigny property need renovations? Les Toitures Art-Pente is the answer to your problems.

For 10 years we have been offering our services in roofing and caulking. Our team of roofing experts has all the knowledge required to perform an efficient, fast and profitable job. Our golden rule is to work with top quality material to ensure the sustainability of our work. In addition, we have liability insurance to prevent risks. Our experience is our excellence.

We offer two services in Repentigny, we take care of your caulking but also your roofs.

Caulking in Repentigny

What is caulking? Caulking means plugging the gaps in a door or window so that the wind does not enter, and more generally so that the exterior elements do not affect the interior temperature. To save energy, and therefore money, proper caulking is necessary. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, we practice all kinds in the city of Repentigny.

In addition, the service offered is complete because we first remove the old sealant, we clean the surface and then we install the new sealant.

Enough wasted energy! Have your sealant renewed by Art-Pente, the caulking professionals.

Roof installation Repentigny

Whether replacing or repairing your roof, Art-Pente is there for you. Our experienced team offers its services in a residential setting only. We provide our 10 years of experience to manage your roof repair.

We guarantee a quality and durable coating installation that will not pose a problem for years to come. We ensure optimal security.

We also offer an additional roof snow removal service.

In Repentigny, winter is harsh and this is the cause of many roofing problems. We often advise our customers to do professional snow removal which prevents many roofing problems.

Do not hesitate to submit your projects to us, we will be happy to provide you with our advice and answer your questions.