Cleaning of gutters

Cleaning of gutters

The gutters of your home have very important functionality. They allow you to redirect water away from your foundations and avoid any water damage. Without proper circulation, an accumulation of water could cause serious problems in your home. It is therefore important to check that your gutters are functional and that no debris prevents the water from flowing properly.   We recommend that our customers drain their gutter at least once a year.


Due to the availability of trees on your property, you may be required to maintain your gutters more frequently. Even if your home is not surrounded by trees, it is still important to maintain your gutters. Snow and rain break up the shingle on your roof. Rock residues accumulate in your gutter and could, over time, block your gutters.


At Art-Pente

At Art-Pente we use special tools that allow us to perform these tasks safely and efficiently. Our team of professionals will work to the best of their knowledge to offer you quality service.

We will advise you on the best approaches to keep your gutters functional as long as possible.