Shed Roof

Shed Roof – South Shore

Garden sheds often house valuable items as well as equipment that can be of great value. Therefore it is very important to properly maintain the roof so that it remains in excellent condition and can optimally shelter your objects. The shed is a storage place that must be imperatively watertight, which is why we strongly encourage you to use our professional services. Our Montreal company specializes in roofing and works throughout the city of Montreal, as well as in Boucherville in Longueuil and finally in Repentigny.

Our company, Toiture Art-Pente works on garden shed roofs. We offer several services related to the roofs of the garden sheds. We are very experienced, indeed we justify an experience of more than ten years. Our very competitive prices have made us a real reference in the roofing industry. Our customer satisfaction rate is very high, it proves our real investigation in your projects.

Roof covering of shed

We offer a shed roofing service. This is a service that is more than important for your garden shed because it allows you to isolate, protect and dress it. It is not so easy to choose your roof because, the sector has developed enormously which is why it is all in your interest to call on a professional such as Art-Pente roof. The work of this magnitude is very substantial to risk doing it when one has very little experience. Toiture Art-Pente has put at your disposal all its experience for more than ten years now! To benefit from quality roof boxes do not hesitate to contact us, we can advise you correctly for your choices.

Repair of shed roofs

If your shed’s roof is damaged, don’t panic! We also have the skills and tools to fix it. Whether it is the sheet metal or roof trusses our experts will hurry to repair it for your greatest relief. We are aware that the sheds are home to objects that may be of greater or lesser value. To protect these objects it is necessary first, to ensure that the shed is watertight and the roof in good condition. If you notice any damage, do not hesitate to contact us.